1998 E36 M3 Convertible Install with Maxspeedingrods:

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1998 E36 M3 Convertible Install with Maxspeedingrods:

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1. Support the rear of the car on jack stands at least 24” high.
2. Remove the rear wheels.
3. Remove the lower control arm bolts.
4. Remove exhaust and set aside.
5. Remove stabilizer sway bar and lower it out of the way leaving it connected to upper control arms.
6. Gently support final drive unit with floor jack.
7. Remove the 3 mounting bolts of the final drive.
8. Move the final drive up and back from the mounting points about ½” .
9. Remove the upper 18mm bolt from both old control arms and save the bolt and captive nut for later reinstall.
10. Replace the old control arms and adjust each new arm to match the one it is replacing.
11. Install the upper end of both arms using the existing bolts and captive nuts. (Do not torque at this time!)
12. Reinstall all three final drive mounting bolts and then torque to specs.
13. Reattach stabilizer bar.
14. Attach new lower control arms at ball joints but do not tighten.
15. Install rear wheels.
20. Lower car and remove jack stands.
21. Shift transmission to neutral and manually move car about six feet in each direction to settle suspension.
22. Manually push car on ramps to raise rear of car.
23. Torque upper and lower control arm bolts to the specs in Bentley manual.
24. Raise car on jack stands AGAIN.
25. Reinstall exhaust per instructions in Bentley manual.
26. Take short test drive directly to alignment shop and align.
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